Online app

Online application for setup and control of your WAFE heat recovery unit. As a customer, you will receive access after installation and registration. To login please use the link below.


  • Control over functions of the connected unit

  • Remote monitoring of the WAFE unit

  • Notifications and alerts database

  • Eliminates the need for wall controller installation

  • Computer or smartphone overview of operation

Technical specifications

Application type
On-line webová aplikace
Connection type
Podporuje všechny běžné prohlížeče a operační systémy
Interconnection with superordinate systems through
API / Modbus

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About MyWAFE application

Remote control and administration provides better and faster support from the producer.

Online application allows to follow notifications and settings according to customer’s needs:


Operation mode

Fireplace venting mode



Night mode


Mode of operation – intelligent/weekly

An intelligent mode adjusts the unit's output according to the CO2 level in the waste air. If the customer wants to determine the exact time of ventilation at nominal versus minimal, he can do it so by selecting a week mode and choose the exact timing. The week mode is also selected automatically during CO2 sensor failure.

Fireplace mode

This programme prevents the fireplace from causing loss of environment pressure. The temperature sensor placed in the fireplace can be connected to the unit and it turns the mode automatically on. Mild overpressure in the interior is ensured by the higher output of the inflow ventilator. The major benefit of this mode is to prevent smoke spreading in the room. By all circumstances, it is required to have a fireplace with its own air source, in order to allow for an equilised pressure heat recovery ventilation.


Holiday mode

Used when not at home for a long time. The unit stays in the low power mode and ventilates your home once a day. Do not forget to deactivate the holiday mode after the arrival!


Ideal while using a local heating or aromatherapy. It closes the air supply from the outside and circulates the air in around house.



A time-limited mode that increases the unit's output. It allows to ventilate polluted air. When the night mode is active, this programme is unavailable with regard to acoustic comfort.


Night mode

Night mode prevents the boost ventilation. If the boost mode is interconnected with switches on the toilet or bathroom, the night mode ensures maximal acoustic comfort and does not allow boost between 10PM and 7AM.


Notifications monitoring

MyWAFE application monitors and records all alerts and notifications that your unit transmits, such as filter clogging for example. If the filter notices a pressure loss caused by pollution, it sends a notification to change the filter. During the first phase, a customer receives a notification that filters will have to be replaced very soon. Next alert informs that filters are clogged and the unit has switched to stand-by. This prevents fans from overheating and prolongs their lifespan.