Frequently asked questions

01What is heat recovery or recuperation?

Recuperation is in general a recovery or regaining of energy. In WAFE, we deal with recuperation of heat contained in the interior air of your house. Therefore heat recovery ventilation. Our technology serves to ventilate the waste air without heat loss.

02What are the advantages of smart ventilation with heat recovery?

The current trends in real estate development have transformed buildings into airtight objects. Thermal insulation has brought about a lot of expected benefits but also some unwanted side effects and complications. Unventilated interiors suffer from moulds and fungus. Plus, there is a lack of oxygen that we naturally need to live. Until recently, even the ventilation with heat recovery had its own flaws – excessive air drying for example. WAFE has therefore developed a solution that allows you to ventilate, save the energy contained in the indoor environment and also preserve natural humidity. Additionally, it filters the incoming outdoor air from dust, pollution and street noise, too.

03How much does the WAFE 350 unit cost?

Fill out a simple form here and get a price quotation taylormade to your individual project. It is important to understand how the price of a heat recovery system is constructed. We advise you to consider following points:

Investment costs – always include the price of a heat recovery unit, complementary equipment, project, air distribution system and installation. WAFE always provides a complex solution that customers may compare to competition. Our philosophy is to use high quality components that ensure longevity and reliability. We believe it is unwise to cut expenses on the core of the whole ventilation system - the unit. We offer high quality products only.

Operating costs of the unit­ – compare filter prices, frequency of exchange, maintenance ergonomy and general efficiency of the system. The overall heat recovery effect on reduction of energy use is affected by electricity consumption of the ventilation. High efficiency of WAFE units is ensured by top class German ventilators and the unique enthalpy flap system (EFS) eliminating the need for preheaters and humidifiers.

Warranties – WAFE offers a standard warranty period of 5 years.

Subsidies for green solutions – An important factor that may reduce your investment costs are available green solution subsidies. Look for opportunities to cover your expenses. WAFE products have been designed and certified to fulfill most of the requirements.

04Why is it good to have a natural level of humidity at home?

Recently a myth has been spread that any interior moisture is bad because of fungi risks. This concept is based on experience gained in some unventilated and airtight insulated homes.

What is the ideal level of humidity then?

According to many studies, relative humidity should be kept at about 40 %. Low level of humidity makes us often heat more to achieve the same feeling of warmth (usually it is about 2-3 °C). In addition, insufficient  humidity can have a harmful effect on health and breathing. It dehydrates mucous membranes and it lowers the immune system of the body. Overly high levels of humidity - over 60% - are not appropriate either. Combined with cold surfaces, the high humidity causes condensation from the vapour and that supports mould and fungus formation. WAFE units are set to keep natural humidity by slowing down the process of drying in comparison to other HRV units. In case the humidity is too high, it is reduced automatically. We try to ventilate your homes, but moreover we try to keep your environment clean and healthy.

05What can the heat recovery unit actually ventilate?

Generally, heat recovery units are designed for all types of facilities and spaces. However, it is important to choose the right ones. Some are suited better for technical premises to help mitigate the risk of dangerous pollution, some may be more suitable for residential housing and apartments.
WAFE units are primarily designated for residential buildings like family homes, apartments, but also for nurseries, schools, office spaces and administration buildings. In some cases the units can also be installed in production facilities, labs, light industry, etc.

06Can I open the windows while the unit is running?

Of course you can open the windows! However, if you do so in the winter, the system of smart ventilation stops bringing the benefit of energy saving. Once you install this ventilation system, you will soon enjoy the fresh air inside and often even forget about opening windows.

Most of us do not live in the mountains or by the sea, and opened windows  (especially in urban areas or in unfavourable climatic conditions) actually let in dust, smog and allergens instead of clean, fresh air.

07Why should I buy WAFE unit rather than anything else?

WAFE technology uses several innovations that significantly increase device efficiency and customer convenience. In particular, it is our flap enthalpy system (EFS) that allows the return of natural humidity back to the environment. Or the use of enthalpic heat exchangers. Even when it starts to freeze outside, it is not necessary to preheat the outside air as with other units. That means no other installation of additional air heater or humidifier. WAFE works autonomously thanks to accurate sensors and if it needs your attention, it will let you know online.

08Why is there no remote wall control included? How do I control the unit?

From the very beginning, WAFE 350 EFS has been designed as an autonomous device. Thanks to sensors, the unit works independently. It regulates the air flow, maintains humidity and controls the state of filters. If you desire to change the settings yourself, you can access functions on-line through MyWAFE and control the unit from wherever you are. You can set up the weekly mode, boost mode or just check what  kind of environment you have at home while you are on holiday for example.

The philosophy of WAFE is to keep the unit running independently, to make you almost forget it. We want you to do something more entertaining than keeping yourself busy with some complex and complicated machine. We consider this to be the premium part of our product. Setting up and tracking the unit's functions would probably not be your hobby.

09What does WAFE stand for?

Water, Air, Fire and Earth. The name WAFE is composed of the initial letters of the four elements we cope with to succeed. Although we are a Czech company, we decided to use this acronym to be understood internationally.

10Can heat recovery unit replace air conditioning?

It cannot. The unit is not equipped with any cooling device. The unit is only able to use the temperature difference between day and night and pre-cool your home thanks to the By-Pass mode. WAFE now works on development of cooling modules that operate on healthier principles than conventional air conditioner, which is often responsible for our respiratory problems.