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A lot of schools has been equipped with new plastic windows and airtight insulation. Unfortunately, it has caused a significant lack of fresh air inflow. Doctors, hygienists but also media warn against this phenomenon. They compare schools to huge plastic bags where all students and teachers are held. Airless climate often together with the occurrence of dangerous pollutants such as radon or other harmful substances vaporising from the painted desks and furniture, present an unsuitable environment for students and teachers. Even in back in the days of Maria Theresa ventilation standards had to be followed in schools! Research has shown, however, that ventilation with windows is not sufficient under regular school circumstances nowadays. It is either too short or not intense enough and causes energy loss against which the schools invested in the first place. Simple solution how to provide continual fresh air influx, however, exists. WAFE offers a complex solution for schools, that ensures significant interior environment improvement. It is affordable, allows for subsidiary financing and helps fulfill the requirements of the current legislation.

Common undesirable phenomena at insulated schools

  • Vitiated air contains unhealthy carbon dioxide and also creates an environment where many infectious agents are spread easily

  • Formaldehyde and other toxic substances vaporise from the painted desks and furniture. In many places there are occurrences of the radioactive gas radon.

  • Those substances together with dust, odours, humidity, moulds and fungi does not get ventilated due to airtight insulation.

Troubles behind the school windows

  • The air is full of exhaust gases and emissions from vehicles or industry

  • Outside noise disturbs classes

  • Dust, smog and other polluted substances are toxic and harmful

  • Pollen and other allergens irritate children and teachers

Heat recovery unit is a solution

WAFE 1000 E/EFS unit has an autonomous system of output controlling based on CO2 values, which provides comfortable and high-quality ventilation. The recuperator is endowed with an integrated sound silencer. All this with a minimum electricity consumption.

The installation of ventilation systems with heat recovery in schools is subsidised to cover up to 70% of costs. Investor’s total costs are then significantly lower.


Resulting effect on schools with heat recovery ventilation

  • Higher comfort of the better interior environment quality.

  • Lower risk of serious illness caused by volatile and radioactive substances.

  • Noticeable improvement of student’s concentration and behavior.

  • Higher safety - no need to open the windows.

  • Reduction of possible illness spreading during the winter season.

  • Improvement of energy efficiency.

  • Ensuring compliance with the standards.

Further advantages WAFE School System Aesthetic and neat installation. Silent run. Minimum

  • Aesthetic and neat installation.

  • Silent run.

  • Minimum maintenance.

  • Very low operational costs.

  • No condensate drain required

  • User friendly operation.

  • On-line monitoring allowing data presentation.


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