Apartment Building Solution

Ventilation with heat recovery has become an important topic for apartment building development as well. It is in fact quickly becoming the cornerstone of any low-energy development. WAFE smart solutions combines centralised and decentralised elements and its coherent with standards and fire regulations. Centralised ventilation preserves the architectural design, decentralised placement of units provides easy maintenance and individual responsibility. Among the key benefits of WAFE units are the possibility of universal positioning, user-friendly control, simple maintenance and no condensate drainage requirement. WAFE will provide you with a full service from project design and project management to installation and set up.



The optimal solution for developers

Any real-estate developer usually deals with the question, how to find a balance between the customer's requirement for simplicity and comfort and his own interests as an investor such as construction cost, reliability and space taken up by the technology itself. All these needs have been taken into consideration when it comes to WAFE 201 and 201+ unit. It is designed to ventilate each apartment individually, which means that each family can fully control the ventilation level without an effect on their neighbor's system. The slim shape of the unit allows for an intimate hidden ceiling installation that neither disturbs the silence nor the interior design. The best perk of all is the enthalpy heat exchanger that helps preserve the natural humidity, so important for any healthy environment.


Smart combination of the centralised and decentralised ventilation system

  • The unit is placed in the apartment – the primary responsibility lies with the owner or the tenant

  • Simple maintenance – filter exchange only

  • Thanks to centralised air intake and air discharge there is no need of neither facade nor fire dampers. That prolongs local filters’ lifetime.

  • This solution is coherent with the standard for fire safety and hygiene. Also it does not influence the design and static properties.

  • Thanks to unit's parameters and the parameters of the air distribution system, there is no need for other components for noise or dust reduction in the building.

Main benefits for the resident

  • No matter the weather, smog or noise, there is still fresh air in your apartment.

  • Better sleep thanks to reduced outside noise and fresh air even with the windows closed.

  • Optimal relative humidity reducing various health risks.

  • Apartments retain higher value as heat recovery ventilation becomes the market standard.

  • Heat recovery ventilation can be part of the “smart home” concept.

Zone vntilation

Controlled ventilation with heat recovery supplies energy efficient and ballanced distribution of fresh air and removal of waste air. The amont of the air exchanged depends only on the power of the fans in the heat recovery unit. The goal of zone ventilation is to direct the air to where it is most needed using the zone valves. Zone ventilation takes care of primarily the spaces that are occupied. In its simplest form, the flow of air is switched between two zones to the supply and exhaust of the air. It allows us to use smaller ventilation units even for relatively large spaces, which leads to lower investment and operation costs.